St. Michael's & All Angels Church Bell


"Made for S Michael's, Angel Meadow, 1848, and Recast for S Gabriel's, 1933"


The bell of St Michael's Church was forged in 1848 by John Taylor and Company of Loughborough, which also made the Great Paul of St Paul's Cathedral and the Great Abel of Manchester Town Hall.

It weighed 14cwts 0qrs 2lbs and replaced the church's original 1789 bell, which was made by Rudhall's of Gloucester and weighed 10cwts 0qrs 18lbs. 

The Taylor bell was installed when the church was refitted after its ceiling collapsed in 1846, almost killing three parishioners. This larger size would have ensured that the bell could be heard across the rooftops of Angel Meadow.

In 1933, two years before St Michael's was demolished, the bell was removed from the bell tower and melted down. It was recast into a new bell for St Gabriel's Church in Prestwich, which is still in use today.

The 29-inch bell now weighs 5cwts 0qrs 6lbs - just over a third of its weight when it was forged in 1848.

Thanks to Author Dean Kirby for this information.