The long awaited funding (£250K from a £20m EU Regional Development Fund for Co-op/NOMA scheme) for the next phase of regeneration for Angel Meadow has now produced a Planning Application for the park.


The full application document can be viewed here.

FOAM were invited to comment on a finalised design in September much of which we fully endorse, whilst some of which we rejected on grounds of practicality, maintenance and historical inaccuracy.

Unfortunately we believe elements of the design are detrimental and disrespectful to the work FOAM have undertake for 10 years as well a being discriminatory towards disabled users of the park

Our original funding came from a Heritage Lottery Grant in 1999 which encouraged FOAM and the local community to actively record and promote the history of this important area of the city. We consider the design has not considered those original constitutional aims of the project.

We are disappointed that we were not consulted more widely during the design process.












FOAM believes that the design completely impedes fluent movement through the park (which would improve security). Most vitally the steps and self-closing gate proposals effectively restrict access for wheelchairs and the disabled (as well as families with pushchairs, etc we would like to encourage).

This is unacceptable given this is a publicly-funded project.



Other objections to the design are:


  1. The drastic lowering of the wall is a breach of outstanding ringroad Planning Conditions applied in 2011 (to implement a noise bund) to deliver protection for park users and residents from the environmental impact of the ring road including significant noise, pollution and wind currents.

    Those conditions were demanded by the democratically elected Councillors of the City and the failure by unaccountable civil servants within the Town Hall (and those connected to the NOMA scheme) is a hugely disrespectful to the entire process. 

  2. The lower wall & railings has no basis in historical images of the park. It re-presents the entrance as an elegant Victorian public park or upper class cemetery like Highgate. This is a pastiche which airbrushes the true history Angel Meadow and all its horrors.

    The original church of 1778 was a simple austere construction with walled boundaries. The knowledge produced by FOAM (and others) since 2004 should be the inspiration for the design and not be reinterpreted by modern architects.

    St.Michael's Church (for the wealthy) was separate from the New (Pauper's) Burial ground and it is important to reference this as the 2004 design does on the Style Street entrance.

    One of the key tools for FOAM in engaging local community pride has been the historical projects we have orchestrated since 2004. Ignoring the accumulated history contained on the website and within the park information boards undermines that work.

  3. Our preference is for a simple matching Lychgate arch identical to those installed as part of phase one, and which would provide visual continuity to the entrances.

    Also the Aspin lane boundary wall should be reinstated as per the history of St. Michael's Church circa 1789 in the height aligned to the existing Style St wall.


The following images support our beliefs.




None of the alternatives proposed by FOAM will cost more to implement and in many cases would be cheaper. Please demand, from MCC/NOMA, a role for FOAM in working towards a better neighbourhood.


Please submit a rejection of this current proposal by clicking here



Many Thanks!



FOAM will continue to work to ensure that the development is sympathetic to the history of the area and the requirements of existing residents.


A transcript of our response to the NOMA/MCC design team can be read here.