Angel Meadow and the vicinity has always provided inspiration for writers and creatives.

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Spencer Tunick (Artist)


On 1st May 2010, the park and surrounding area was used as a location by artist Spencer Tunick for his installation "Everyday People," part of The Lowry Gallery's 10th Anniversary celebration. 



Simon Buckley (Artist & Photographer)

During 2015-2016, the area around Angel Meadow was photographed as part of the NotQuiteLight Project.

An exhibition weekend of images, tours and events took place in April 2016 with FOAM co-hosting a filmed dawn-break entitled
"Breakfast with the Dead."



Dean Kirby (Author & Journalist)

Angel Meadow: Victorian Britain's most dangerous slum. Published 2016

ISBN-10: 1783831529



Mrs G.L. Banks (Author) 

The Manchester Man. Published 1879

ISBN-10 0548734631



Mary Bertenshaw (Author)

Sunrise to Sunset (An Autobiography). Published 1991

ISBN-10 1872226183 



Andrew Davies (Author and Playwright) 

The Gangs of Manchester. Published 2008

ISBN-10 1903854857 


MaD Theatre Company

Angels with Manky Faces  see video page.

Performed 2009 and 2010. Inspired by The Gangs of Manchester by Andrew Davies.


Audrey Howard (Author)

Angel Meadow. Published 1999

ISBN-10 0340718102



William Kenneth Jones (Author)

Different Times. Published 2006

ISBN-10: 1080763856


Nancy. Published 2011

ISBN-10 075521322X


James Stanhope-Brown (Author)

Angels from the Meadows. Published 1993 

ISBN-10 0951565214


The Shoeblack and the Countess. Published 2012

ISBN-10 1781487790



John Marsden (Author)

Forgotten Fields- Manchester Old Burial Grounds. Published 2014

ISBN-10 0755216229 


Angela Buckley (Author)

The Real Sherlock Holmes: The Hidden Story of Jerome Caminada. Published 2014

ISBN-10 1781592691 


Bob Potts (Historian)

Old Pubs of Rochdale Road & Neighbourhood. Published 1985

ISBN-10: 090751183X


Jacqueline Roberts (Historian)

Working Class Housing in 19th C Manchester- John St, Irk Town 1826-1936. Published 1983

  • ISBN-10: 0907511163



Billy Hopkins (Author)

Our Kid. Published 2007

ISBN-10 0755343182



Margaret Harkness (Author) pseudonym John Law 

A Manchester Shirtmaker: A Realistic Story of Today. Published 1890

ISBN- 10 1241404984 



James Hynes (Author)

Engels, Angel Meadow & The Irish. Published 2016

ISBN-10: 1520215037



J. H. Dawson (Author)

Kit: A Biography of my Mother. Published 2011